Silence of the Chihuahuas

The Silence of the ChihuahuasPublication Date: October 27, 2015

Geri is upset when Pepe stops talking, especially since she needs his help to find her missing best friend, Brad, who’s been accused of murder, and her sister, Teri, who is in danger. What she doesn’t know is that Pepe has a new way of communicating: via his blog.

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A great review from Cynthia Chow for King’s River Life Magazine, October 31, 2015

For the past six months, budding private investigator Geri Sullivan has been casting doubt on her sanity by insisting that her adopted rescue Chihuahua Pepe has the ability to talk. Now Geri’s mental stability is being questioned by her frantic assertions that Pepe is not talking to her. Ironically enough, the tiny canine detective has taken a vow of silence out of the fear that Geri’s claims could very realistically get her locked up in an institution. It’s a vow Pepe soon comes to regret—but, as he proudly declares, he is a dog of his word.

Pepe is not the only one in Geri’s life suddenly incommunicado, as her best friend Brad Best has suddenly disappeared from her life, without even informing her of his upcoming Halloween wedding. To top even that, a desperate phone call from her sister Teri is immediately dropped and she is no longer answering Geri’s pleas. Having quit her job being mentored by noir-trapped PI Jimmy G, Geri is on her own floundering through several investigations that include the cases of the Disappearing Decorator and the Romantic Marauder. Fortunately for readers, Pepe keeps us entertained and informed through his iPad-written blog that he hopes will be read by his clueless human assistant. He may be silent, but he certainly is not off the

This is a fun, often absurdly hilarious mystery that draws readers into its entertaining world. Geri understandably panics at the loss of her most trusted allies, as even her boyfriend Felix questions her relationship with Pepe. That he may leave to film a reality television show in Seattle certainly doesn’t help matters, but it does delightfully introduce a cameo by Caro Lamont, a pet therapist featured in the mysteries by Sparkle Abbey. Pepe often proves to be the most rational and practical of the characters, and his partnership with Geri is as rewarding for readers as it is for the characters themselves. These novels written by Waverly Fitzgerald and Curtis Colbert succeed in being both warmly sentimental and comical, and they always leave readers extremely satisfied. The giggles begin from the first page and continue through to the last, and future installments look to ramp up the hilarity as Pepe’s ability spreads.


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