Waverly Curtis is the pseudonym of Waverly Fitzgerald and Curt Colbert. Our publisher asked us to choose a female pen name so we combined our first names.

Curt Colbert is the author of the Jake Rossiter and Miss Jenkins mysteries, a series of hardboiled, private detective novels set in 1940’s Seattle. The first book, Rat City, was nominated for a Shamus Award in 2001. A Seattle native, Curt is also a poet and an avid history buff. He is the editor of Seattle Noir, a collection of crime stories published in 2009. He was a judge for the Edgars in 2008 and is a member of the Mystery Writers of America. Curt and his wife live in a Seattle suburb under the thrall of their cat, Esmeralda.

waverly fitzgerald

Waverly Fitzgerald is the author of four historical romances set in Victorian London under the name of Nancy Fitzgerald. She has taught writing classes for adults at the UCLA Writers Program, the University of Washington Extension, and Richard Hugo House, a literary arts center in Seattle. Waverly is also the author of Slow Time: Recovering the Natural Rhythms of Life. She lives in an apartment in the heart of Seattle with her daughter, Shaw, and Shaw’s Chihuahua, Pepe.

Waverly and Curt met in a writing class in the late 1980s and have been working together ever since. When Curt came up with the idea of a mystery featuring a talking Chihuahua named Pepe, Waverly asked if she could help and the collaboration began. Curt loves to start chapters; Waverly finishes them. Curt loves to elaborate and Waverly likes to edit. Curt’s humor is broader while Waverly’s humor is more situational. Together they are an unstoppable mystery novel writing team.

Pepe is an eight-year old Chihuahua, adopted by Waverly’s daughter Shaw, when he was a puppy. He likes stuffed toys, especially if they  squeak. He hates the rain, which is unfortunate since he lives in Seattle. Like his namesake character, he hates being dressed up and thinks he is much bigger than he is. Unlike his namesake, he has a sweet disposition and doesn’t talk much, but he does have his own Facebook page.

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  1. Paula says:

    Hi Pepe,

    You are absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to read about your (mis)adventures!

  2. cate says:

    Lovely, and I can’t wait to read it!

  3. I’m doing a Blog Hop and I’m supposed to put some links at the bottom of my entry to other mystery authors. I hope you don’t mind if I put your link. Your book sounds delightful!

    Monica Ferris

  4. Carole says:

    Love Dial C for Chihuahua. Looking forward to reading the next one.

  5. Don says:

    This is a great book/series. Believe me, you cannot publish this series fast enough for me. Very entertaining.

  6. Judy Powers says:

    I just finished reading Chihuahua Confidential, and enjoyed it very much. I discovered the first book at the library, but purchased this one. I’m looking forward to purchasing The Big Chihuahua when it comes out. Since Judy McCoy left us much too soon, it’s nice to have another “talking dog” series to read. Do you know the date of publication yet?

    • Waverly says:

      Yes, I was so disappointed to come to the end of the dog sitting series by Judi McCoy and realize there wouldn’t be another one. Curt was definitely influenced by her work when he started writing the first book, and sometimes Pepe does sound a little like Rudy. I think Judi’s books are my favorites of all the pet-oriented mysteries I’ve read, though I do love the Spencer Quinn series too. The Big Chihuahua will be out at the start of October and we’re already working on the next one.

  7. Francine says:

    Oh my gosh, I TOTALLY love this new series. Santa put Dial C for Chihuahua in my stocking and have REALLY REALLY loved it. I plan to order the other two. I completely laugh out loud. I have a little female version of Pepe and I feel like I might be reading her escapades! Thanks for such a great read.

  8. Melissa Weller says:

    I just finished Dial C for Chihuahua and Chihuahua Confidential. I loved them both and have been talking about the books to my friends, family and co-workers. I love Pepe’s personality.

    In the writing process, how does the collaboration work?

    • Waverly says:

      Dear Melissa, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the novels. There’s one more for you to read: The Big Chihuahua.

      Curt and I have been collaborating for three novels and one short story now. Usually he writes the start of a chapter and I finish it. It’s a bit like improvising in comedy. But since I usually finish the chapter, I always get the last word, which I like.

  9. Lorraine Guglielmini says:

    I bought the first book in this series through Amazon. I actually thought it was a children’s book and was buying it for my 4 year old granddaughter. When it came I was totally surprised it wasn’t a children’s book at all. Well I started reading and I was hooked. I now own 3 of these books and have read the first two. Looking forward to reading book 3, The Big Chihuahua. Of course, I have dogs, 2 Chihuahuas, and 1 Pomeranian and I can definitely relate to dogs with attitudes. I only wish mine could speak to me, like Pepe does to Geri. I wonder a lot about what’s going on in their little doggie minds. Keep these books coming as I will be through with the 3rd book in a week or so. ~ Lorraine

    PS. I also support the ASPCA and several other charities that do good work for animals so I’m glad that a portion of the book’s earnings will go to support their efforts.

  10. Nancy Boling says:

    I have read every book so far in the Barking Detective series and loved each one. I hope you continue the series a little longer. We have two Chihuahuas (both female, Pepe) and I love thinking maybe they think a little like Pepe. Thank you for writing a fun and adventurous series.

  11. Kay Franks says:

    I have read all of the Pepe novels and the short Christmas novella ! When are Pepe and Geri coming out with a new book of further funny adventures !!!!! Sincerely a devoted fan to the little guy, named Pepe and his sidekick – Geri !!!!! Anxiously awaiting a new book – Kay

    • Waverly says:

      We’re always so happy to hear from Pepe’s fans. Curt and I are still pondering our next adventure in the wonderful world of Pepe.

  12. Susan Hughes says:

    I love Pepe and always look forward to reading about his many adventures. Being the owner of a Chihuahua I can relate to him. I have just finished reading the last book..The Chihuahua always Sniffs twice. Will there be another book coming out soon?

    • Waverly says:

      Dear Susan,
      You are in luck if you just finished reading The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice because there is another book after that: The Silence of the Chihuahuas. Right now we are taking a little break from the Pepe novels and working on other mysteries, but we plan to introduce a new way to stay in touch with Pepe and his adventures in the next few weeks.

  13. Peggy Dalton says:

    I have read all your books on Pepe.Are you planning on writing in the near future. I hope so.

    • Waverly says:

      We’ve been holding off on telling people there is another book coming because we’re in the very early stages of planning one. Anything could go awry at this point so we can’t promise anything. I will say that we also have plans afoot to invite our fans and their pets to contribute to future Pepe stories.

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