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Pepe is happy to answer reader’s questions. You can ask about his life and adventures, or seek answers to your personal problems. Pepe will consult the stars and his favorite Spanish soap operas. He may not tell the truth, but he will always tell a good story.

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  1. Curious in California says:

    Pepe, I heard you are coming to California for your next adventure. Is that true?

  2. Pepe says:

    Si, it is true. I am competing in a reality TV show called Dancing with Dogs. The show is being filmed in Hollywood and I will be riding around in a limousine. You will have to read my second novel to find out who wins the show; I am under a contractual obligation not to reveal the results.

  3. Paula says:

    Hi Pepe,

    I need some advice, I have trouble sleeping at night, can you recommend a good book that I can read during the sleepless hours?

  4. Dear Paula,
    Naturally, I would recommend the account of my own adventures but I am sad to say that Dial C for Chihuahua will not be available until October. Also my story would not put you to sleep! There is another mystery series about a dog named Chet and a detective named Bernie written by Spencer Quinn. The first book in the series is called Doggone It! The story is told from Chet’s perspective but I must say Chet is not the brightest penny in the fountain. I could have solved the mystery in 50 pages but then again Chet does not have the advantage of being able to relate what he has learned to Bernie, unlike me. Another story told from a dog’s perspective that you might enjoy is The Art of Driving in the Rain by Garth Stein. Like many books about dogs, this one is quite sad, again unlike my story. Only six more months to wait for that.

  5. Debbie says:

    Hola Pepe,

    I was in Barnes & Noble yesterday looking at the New Arrivals section. There was one book whispering to me. It said “Tienes que leerme”. It was Dial C for Chihuahua. So I bought the book yesterday and I’m almost done reading it. I love it so much. I would have finished the book by now, but I had to make dinner, put the kids to bed, etc. and today I have to work. You are a very cute (and smart) guy. I’m looking forward to the next book about you.

    • Pepe Sullivan says:

      I am pleased to hear that you enjoy reading about my adventures and hope you found the time to finish the book about my adventures in Seattle. In my next book, I go to Hollywood. I will be eager to hear what you have to say about both of my stories.

  6. Brenda Ough says:

    Hi from the east coast of Canada! I just finished reading Dial C for Chihuahua and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I am an animal lover AND a mystery fan so I enjoyed your character and adventures! I am already looking forward to reading the next one which I assume is about the “Dancing With Dogs” reality show! Keep up the good work, Pepe!

    • Brenda,
      I am overjoyed to learn of your pleasure in reading about my adventures. I assure you that the next volume about me will bring tears to your eyes, as well as laughter to your lips. And si! I will be dancing.

  7. Heather says:

    Dear Pepe,
    A string of unfortunate events this year had left me feeling very depressed. Then, I discovered your debut in Dial C for Chihuahua and I’m so glad that I did! The adventures that you and Geri share and your air of sophistication have managed to pep me up when nothing else would.
    Thanks so much, little guy.
    Your biggest admirer,

    P.S. Would you consider coming to South Korea for one of your upcoming adventures? We’ve love to have you!

  8. Dear Heather,
    Your compliments about how my adventures cheered you warmed my corazon. After all, we dogs live to make you happy. I will carefully consider your suggestion that I travel to South Korea in a future book but I must confess I am not the only one in charge of my itinerary. The authors insist on having some say.

  9. Don Fitch says:

    Hola, Pepe:

    I’m looking forward to the second Pepe book… and am wondering if you’re connected with the Geri Fitzgerald Sullivan (who has an ex-husband named Jeff, who might well have left behind the traces of a stash that you nosed-out) that I know.

    • Hola, Don!
      Actually my authors made up that name so they are dancing around curiously excited about the coincidence that there should be a person of the same with an ex-husband named Jeff with similar habits to their fictional character. Does your Geri have a Chihuahua?

  10. E. Flowers says:

    I first saw your book on GoodReads when I entered the giveaway (since I, unfortunately, am not in a position to purchase it at this time) As you probably know, I did not win. I did, however wanted to tell you… GreatBook!!! I have & ❤❤❤ Chihuahuas. I have been in a horrible place lately & I was given my Hookah as a service dog. I must say, I never really liked small dogs, but Thank God for my Hookah!!! she is stuck to mee & makes sure I am ok. So KUDOS on the book & Thank You for your time!
    -Eva (So. Cal)

    • Dear Eva,
      I am so happy to learn about Hookah and of how much of a help she has been. Geri keeps saying she is going to have me certified as a service dog but she has done it yet. I hope the tests are not hard. I do not like taking tests!

  11. Janet R says:

    Pepe, I have not even finished reading your book and I am already a fan. Looking forward to reading more of your brave adventures. Do you plan to have a facebook fan page? because I am sure all your fans would love that! <3 Buenas Noches Senor Pepe.

    • Janet–
      I am so happy that you are enjoying my adventures. I do have a Facebook fan page. It is called Dial C for Chihuahua. I hope you will LIKE it!
      mucho smoochos from your fan,

  12. Vicki says:

    Hola Pepe:

    I just finished your book this weekend…..I can’t wait until you get to my stomping grounds in Sunny California……You look so much like my sister’s dog Henry, another heartbreaker like you…. I am counting the days until you get her.


    • Vicki,
      I had a great time in sunny Southern California as you will learn when you read Chihuahua Confidential (publication date: April 1). I am glad to know you are acquainted with another Chihuahua, who is almost as good-looking as me!

  13. Seth Z says:

    Dear Pepe,

    My fiancee and I were in the bookstore a few months ago and she found your book. She thought that I would like it because the picture of you on the cover looks nearly identical to my chihuahua Chito. I’d like to think that the two of you could be cousins. Anyway, I finished your book and have re-read it three times now. I can’t wait to hear about your California adventure, and I plan to pick it up the first day it’s out. I have 2 small questions for you.

    1. What is your favorite treat flavor?

    2. Is there a way to contact your chroniclers by email or post? I would love to buy a copy of both your books, autographed by all three of you, but I live across the country and can’t make it to any of your signings.

    Thanks for laughs and warm feelings. Pepe, you’re the greatest.

  14. Esperanza Valdez says:

    Hey there Pepe!
    I was wondering what age group your adventures are geared toward. The cover of Dial C for Chihuahua looks like it would appeal to a child, but I see comments on here that ate from full-grown adults! What do you think?

  15. Ah, yes, Esperanza! You ask a question that is muy importante. It is true that many people think my story is suitable for children. Perhaps it is the artwork on the cover! Or the fact that I am a talking dog! But the truth is that the novel was written with an adult audience in mind. However, I must confess that many children have read the book with no harm to their tender minds. That is because, as with most cozy mysteries, the story does not contain any explicit sex or violence.

  16. Carlee says:

    Hey, mighty Chihuahua Pepe because of you im adopting a Chihuahua from a local shelter. What do you think is a good name for him/her? Thanks,

  17. Carlee,
    I am so pleased you have decided to adopt one of my tribe. I am sure you will make your new companion very happy and your new companion will make you very happy. Perhaps your little amigo will come with a name. If not, you should ask your Chihuahua his/her name and listen very carefully for an answer.

  18. rhonda says:

    What type of chihuahua is Pepe? My baby Lambchop looks exactly like him and I’m sure there must be a name for their type of chihuahua. Thanks!

    • Waverly says:

      According the AKC standards, there are only two kinds of Chihuahuas: smooth coats and long coats. But people do make a distinction between “apple head” Chihuahuas and “deer head” Chihuahuas. Here’s an article about that distinction. I think Pepe is pretty much in the middle, but perhaps leaning a bit to the deer head side. One thing, for sure, he is awfully cute, which means Lamb Chop must be too!

  19. Judith says:

    I have two chihuahuas who own me and when I saw your picture on paperbacks at Target I just had to have it. Bought both of them and read them in two days! I ADORE you! When will you make the books into a movie? As I am reading, I can hear you in my head with George Lopez as your voice! Get Waverly & Curtis busy writing the next book…can’t wait!

    • Dear Judith,
      I am so happy you saw my picture on books at Target and snapped them up. Your speed of reading is muy impressive and your appreciation for my adorability is muy appreciated. I am still waiting for the film makers to come knocking on my door. Meanwhile Waverly Curtis has finished book #3. It will be published in October but it is already available for pre-ordering.

  20. Tiffanie says:

    You are hilariously cute!!!!In Dial C for Chihuahua, I was on the edge of my seat!!!! You are very cute, and help Geri tremendously!!!!!

    So, I was in Publix the other day and saw Dog Icecream. . . . have you tried it?

    Also, how’s the soap opera on Chonchita?

  21. Dear Tiffanie,

    You are hilariously cute as well. I can tell by all of your exclamation marks!!!

    I did not know about the ice cream for dogs until you told me so I appreciate the tip. I have sent Geri out to find me some.

    While she is gone, I will catch up on what Conchita is doing on the soap opera.

  22. becky says:

    Hi Pepe
    I am middle aged and I love cozy mysteries but sometimes get bored. I just finished your first and I love you! You are so funny and heartwarming. I am going after book 2 and 3. Would you find a home for Bruiser in book 1? I feel bad for him……thanks for a great read!

  23. Becky,
    Thank you for your wonderful compliments! I love compliments, especially when they are so accurate. I will pass along your suggestion about Bruiser to my authors. Alas, they have already completed books 2 and 3 without rescuing Bruiser. But perhaps with my encouragement, they will manage to sneak it into book 4 which they are currently plotting.
    Muchos smoochos to you

  24. Jenny says:

    Hello Pepe,
    I was only 15 when my family and I were adopted by a Chihuahua named Pinky a couple years back and have completely fallen in love with her! So you can probably imagine my excitement when I noticed a book about a talking Chihuahua sitting on the shelf at the Target by our house. Of course I had to convince my mom to buy it for my 17th birthday! I finished it quickly and have already started on (and almost finished) the second book! I absolutely love reading about all of your adventures with Geri!
    It’s amazing how much you remind me of Pinky! Even the parts where Jimmy G. refers to you as a ratdog remind me of my brother and how he continues to call Pinky the same thing! (Needless to say, he prefers cats… And she doesnt care for him either…) iAy caramba! This books hits so close to home and chears me up everytime I read it! I had to tear myself away from the book so as not to read it all in one night!
    Gracias mi amigo for providing my days with many laughs and for cheering me up when I am down.

  25. Dear Jenny,
    I am so delighted to hear that Pinky adopted you. And equally delighted to hear about how much you enjoyed my adventures.
    It is not surprising to learn your brother prefers cats to dogs. Only such a person would call a Chihuahua a ratdog. But it does not matter as there are many like you who understand our true value.

  26. kay says:

    Dear Pepe – I have discovered your 3 books, and have literally devoured all 3 of them ! I have laughed out loud reading about your and Geri’s adventures. I have also been left sitting on the edge of my seat, wondering how you were going to get yourself out of terrible jams…… I laugh out loud when I read your mutterings, and your conversations with Geri. I just love all the characters – you Pepe, Geri, Jimmy G, (Felix is ok), I rooted for Fuzzy to get out of that vet’s office. But you, Pepe are my favorite ! You make me laugh out loud, commiserate with your comments/mutterings, and your love of bacon ! Jimmy G makes me laugh with his messed up sense of running a business and fashion, and cleanliness. I like the way you genuinely love Geri, and only want the best for her. I love the way that you have stolen Geri’s heart, and helped to heal her psyche after her deadbeat husband left her. But you are simply my favorite dog to be written about in years….. You are now even ahead of Mrs. Murphy, in the Rita Mae Brown mystery series ! Keep writing, and please write quickly, as I cannot wait for your next book – # 4 in the series ! PS. I live here in HOT HOT DRY Tucson, so I really enjoy all the adventures set in the Seattle area, with all the green grass and trees, water, and historic old homes. This is a wonderful series ! Write quickly….. Enjoy your bacon and remember to keep Geri on track….. (she can be a little dense sometimes)….. It is nice knowing you are looking out for each other ! Adios – my little Pepe – Kay from the desert !

  27. Leigh Barrow says:

    Dear Senor Pepe:

    Are there any reliable ways to tell if a dog is part Chihuahua without an expensive DNA test?

    Can’t wait for your new adventures! I’m going to share them with my mother and a co-worker, because we’re all charmed by you, Miss Geri, Mr. Felix, and Miss Fluffy. Take care.

    • Waverly says:

      We do not know a reliable way to tell if a dog is part Chihauhua, but we do know some unreliable ways. If your dog likes to growl at bigger dogs, if your dog likes to burrow under blankets, if your dog likes to chew on squeaky toys and small stuffed animals, if your dog likes to cuddle with you, if your dog has an unusually long pink tongue, and if your dog is utterly adorable, then your dog is probably part Chihuahua.

      • Leigh Barrow says:

        Ha ha! The growling at bigger dogs, however unreliable, might be a good clue. My family has a dog we’re convinced is part Chihuahua, and she has no sense of scale. She’s utterly unafraid of bigger dogs, and she desperately wanted to chase a deer not too long ago. (She would have done it had I not had her on a leash. Thank goodness for leashes!)

        Thank you for taking the time to answer, Waverly, and thank you and your team for bringing us Pepe’s and Geri’s stories.

  28. Maggie says:

    Is your newest book going to be just an e-book or will it come out in paperback too? I love this series and since I’m on a tight budget I can’t afford the equipment needed for e-books.

    • Waverly says:

      Dear Maggie,
      The Christmas story, A Chihuahua in Every Stocking, will only be available as an e-book, because it is so short it would be hard to actually create a print version. But many libraries do offer access to e-books, or maybe you have a friend who would let you read it on their e-reader, or better yet, maybe Santa will bring you an e-reader for Christmas!

  29. Marcie says:

    Pepe, I love your books and so do my students. Do you know the lexile or reading level of your books?? One of my struggling readers is excited about starting your first book!

  30. papadoodah says:

    Pepe, I just found out about your terrific stories. I am curious to know to what age group you are writing for. Most of the reviews I read are from adults. I have a 11 year old granddaughter who may enjoy reading about your adventures. Are your books age appropriate?

    • Waverly says:

      Pepe says to tell you that although the books are aimed at adults, he has many young fans. Because his adventures fall into the realm of cozy mysteries, they contain no gratuitous gore (although people do get murdered) and no explicit sex (just a hint) and very little vulgar language (and then only in the mouths of bad guys). And most important of all, no harm comes to any animal in these books.

  31. Ellen says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE publish “A Chihuahua in Every Stocking” in the paperback edition. I have problems reading on any edition. Besides, I like to keep the books in the event that if I ever meet the authors, I can have it signed. Finally, I have an elderly friend who reads my books and she likes to read a book. So please consider releasing it in paperback. Thank you from Gizmos mommy!!!

    • Waverly says:

      Dear Ellen,
      We would love to have a print version of A Chihuahua in Every Stocking, and we hear this frequently from our other fans, but that’s in the hands of our publisher. I will pass your plea along to them.

      I’m so sorry to hear about Gizmo’s passing but good to know he had such a long and happy life! The Pepe who is the inspiration for the novel just turned 12 so we hope he has at least 6 more years to hang out with us.

      • Ellen says:

        Thank you for your speedy reply. And thank you for your kind words about my precious Gizmo. Having him for 18 years was truly a gift. He was such an inspiration and was my first “forever” dog. I miss him every day, but when I read the “Pepe” novels – I think of him and imagine him playing the part!!! It makes me smile. I wish you many many more years with your little Pepe!!!

      • Ellen says:

        Hi Pepe – I was able to borrow a kindle from a friend to read the Christmas stocking story. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps there could be several short stories like that which eventually could be published in an anthology edition.

        • Waverly says:

          What a great idea! We had a lot of fun writing “A Chihuahua in Every Stocking.” It takes us a long time to write a book, especially since there are two of us writing (three if you count Pepe, our consultant) but writing a series of short stories would give us an opportunity to get some new pieces out there for our fans more quickly.

  32. Ellen says:

    Hi again — I am a “PEPE” addict and cannot get enough of your adventures – that is why I asked for “A Chihuahua in Every Stocking” to be published in a paperback edition. I am a book fanatic!!!

    My 18 year old chihuahua Gizmo passed away last March — he was loved very much and his personality was much like Pepe’s — very assured of himself.

    Your books are THE BEST!!!!!

  33. Darry says:

    I too am a “Team Pepe” addict. I saw your books advertised on Amazon early last year and ordered all 4 at once (I don’t have an e-reader and was also disappointed the Christmas story wasn’t in print). I have been the proud “Mom” of 2 adorable rescued Chihuahuas and lost my oldest this past November. I’ve crossed paths with other Chi’s in my lifetime but my “Taz” was my little soul mate. His character and “macho” was very much like Pepe’s and we did indeed communicate with each other. Losing him was the most heart-breaking experience of my life and I still miss him terribly every day. I was beside myself with his loss, when I received book 4 that had been pre-ordered. I had moved early last year, shortly after ordering the first books and I’d forgotten about them so dug out the first 3 books and began reading. Pepe and Geri have been a therapy that no grief counselor could ever provide. I laugh and I cry and I immerse myself in the books with Pepe and with my “Taz’s Angel” adding a few comments of his own over my shoulder. The Team Pepe series has helped me wade through my grief, deal with my loss and most of all, be thankful for blessing of having Taz in my life for 15 years. Taz’s little adopted brother is a tiny little fellow name “Tyke” who is quite the opposite personality. He is more shy, quiet, and a cuddle bug. Reading the Pepe series has also helped me to form a new bond with Tyke and imagine how he may fit into some of the Pepe adventures. Thank you to the Waverly-Curtis Team of writers and to Pepe for being their inspiration. You have me hooked and a forever fan.

    • Waverly says:

      Even Pepe who tries so hard to be macho and not let anyone see him cry, was moved to hear of your strong bond with Taz and how the Pepe novels have helped you deal with your loss and bond with Tyke. It really means a lot to us to hear about what the books mean to you.

  34. Linda McNab says:

    I love to read mysteries, but after my mother died several months ago, I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to read a novel. At Crimelandia in Portland, Oregon, I found your book, Dial C for Chihuahua and I actually bought it for my daughter who has a very cute little chihuahua named Millie. On the train ride back to Canada, I read the book and laughed out loud! Thank you…. I think that I am able to read books again.

  35. Sandy Pearsall says:

    I, too, was very sad that “A Chihuahua in every Stocking” was only available as an e-book. I finally determined to borrow my neighbor’s Kindle just so the “Kinder” (that’s my pack of three Chihuahuas and the cat)and I could read the book. What a surprise when I found that there is a free Kindle download for PC’s at Amazon! See, there really is a Santa Claus!!!

    • Waverly says:

      I just went to Amazon and don’t see a free Kindle download. But here’s more good news. Our publisher, Kensington, has decided to include “a Chihuahua in Every Stocking” as a bonus in the fifth Barking Detective novel, The Silence of the Chihuahuas, which will be published in November. We’re so thrilled.

  36. Sandy Pearsall says:

    Alas, Amazon doesn’t advertise the fact that one doesn’t need a Kindle in order to read Kindle Editions until AFTER one clicks on the Kindle Edition Icon. I wonder why that could be, silly me. Anyway, once one gets to the Kindle Edition page there it is, right under the book description:
    Free Kindle Reading App
    Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a Kindle device—with the FREE Kindle app for smartphones, tablets and computers.
    To get the free app, enter your email address or mobile phone number.

    What a great present any time of year!

    p.s. Jose Gregorio Santos and the pack are panting for Pepe’s next adventure!

  37. Jose Gregorio Santos (Pearsall) says:

    Hola Senor Pepe,

    ¿Cómo está usted? My pack, my person and I are yearning for your next adventure, The Silence of the Chihuahuas!! My person, Sandy, tells us that we have to wait until November, but it is SOOO hard! Tell me, por favor, will you ever consider making a novella of your own adventures so we can watch you on our TV? I have seen the piece you did for your first adventure, and my pack and I would so love to see all your adventures on the flat screen!

    Your ever-faithful number one fan (self appointed)

    Jose Gregorio Santos

    • Waverly says:


      It is so nice to hear from you. I have asked my secretary, Waverly Fitzgerald, to respond to your last letter but she is not available to take dictation. Says she is too busy on other projects. What could be more important than my correspondence?

      I must say that while I am most disappointed in her neglecting her important duties, her co-author, Curt Colbert, has just declared that he has an idea which will involve him filming me with his phone and then posting those videos. I applaud this suggestion though I wonder how Curt, a self-proclaimed computer dinosaur, which is why I do not rely on him for my word processing needs, will accomplish this feat.

      Obviously I need to do more training of the humans around me.

      Your compadre,

  38. Jose Gregorio Santos (Pearsall) says:

    Hola Senor Pepe,

    There was a little commotion outside our front door on November 2nd. My nose told me a suspicions package had been left behind. As the door was closed and the cat, Precious, was nowhere to be found (she can often open the door for us if it is not locked), the pack and I had to wait until our person, Sandy, retrieved the package for us so that we could properly inspect its contents. What a wonderful surprise! Your latest chronicle of adventures, “The Silence of the Chihuahuas” was inside the box!

    As it can be difficult for me to hold new books open and read them myself, the pack and I impatiently waited for Sandy to read it to us. She promised a chapter every night. However, once she began to read of your latest adventures, we all stayed up for an entire night listening to her read until the sun was shining through the window!

    El amor de mi corazón, Maria Elena, was eager to apply for a place in your dog squad, until I reminded her that she would have to relocate to Seattle which would mean leaving me behind. However, should you ever need to recruit a dog squad in Central California, please consider the entire pack, Maria Elena, Caesar Dominico, Precious, and yours truly as willing camaradas in the solving of mysteries!

    Ever your number one fan,

    Jose Gregorio Santos

  39. Rita Cerniglia says:

    My Chihuahua, Brutus and I are half way through “The Silence of the Chihuahuas” and when we read the part about the party, Brutus was surprised you weren’t all that enthusiastic about fish. Salmon and Halibut are his two favorite meats to eat (after chicken, which he is allergic to and cannot have). He asks me to write and ask which meat you prefer best.

    • Waverly says:

      Pepe has asked me to respond, since he does not have his Ipad handy. He is a big fan of the meat of the pig, most especially, in the form of bacon. Oddly enough, he also enjoys Brussels sprouts and beets, but only when there is no meat available.

  40. Diane Matthiesen says:

    Pepe, will you have a new book published this year?

  41. Susan Hermosillo says:

    Hola Pepe. I have loved all of your books. My 3 Chi’s can’t wait until the next one comes out. We are constantly looking at different websites, but so far haven’t heard of any new books. Is the series over? We hope not! I have given these books out as gifts to other dog people and of course they love them also. “Es muy difícil” waiting for your next book.

  42. Diane Matthiesen says:

    Hello Pepe,
    My mom and I love your novels and are wondering when the next book will be out for purchase?

  43. Ashley Dickens says:

    Dear Pepe,
    I love your books. Great mysteries from a fine detective team. Is there another book about your adventures coming out soon?
    Best to you,

  44. Ashley Dickens says:

    Dear Pepe,
    I love your books. Great mysteries from a fine detective team. Is there another book about your adventures coming out soon?
    Best to you,

  45. Rob Gutro says:

    Hello Pepe- I have now read the first three novels about your adventures and can’t get enough. I’ve already purchased the fourth book. As a dog dad of two Dachshunds and a Weimaraner, my husband and I are also fostering a Chihuahua/Beagle mix for a friend. She dances around as I imagine you did in the Dancing with Dogs adventure.
    I just wanted to let you know that I’ve blogged about your books and as an avid mystery reader, I can tell you that your series is truly the most enjoyable mystery series with a dog in it! Thank you and keep up the great work!

    • Waverly says:

      If I were blogging as Pepe, I would say: “of course, it is the most enjoyable series with a dog in it!” But because I am blogging as Waverly Curtis, I will simply say, Thank you so much. We really love to hear from readers, especially those who appreciate the very special nature of a Chihuahua.

  46. Shelby Frederica Lynn says:

    Pepe, if my late Chihuahua mix, Tigger, were still alive, he would be begging me to write of his exploits as well! I love the humor and often laugh out loud! I hope the Pepe books continue coming, as I am reading through them quickly!

    • Waverly says:

      Dear Shelby, Tigger is such a great name for a Chihuahua. Always one of my favorite characters in the Pooh books. We’re going to be announcing something next week on our web site that will give you an opportunity to write about Tigger’s exploits!

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