A gallery of Pepe’s friends:

3/15/2015: Vallery Feldman was one of the fans who met (and held!) Pepe Fitzgerald (Pepe Sullivan’s emissary) at the Left Coast Crime conference in Portland.





Darry P, Tyke & Taz


A studio portrait of Darry P, Tyke and Taz. Darry writes: “Where Pepe loves the “Spanish Soaps,”¬† Taz loved football and looked forward to football weekends.¬† Tyke is more into musicals and movies with “critters” in them.







The Chihuahuas of Obsessive Chihuahua Disorder reading Pepe’s fourth novel, The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice. The little cute one in the back is Pepe’s celebrity crush, Bebe. She’s a famous Chihuahua model. In the foreground, from left to right: Chico, Monte and Manny.

5 Responses to Amigos

  1. Robin Evans says:

    Thank you so much for these books! I lost my cow print Chi-Chi,Holly Berry, six months ago. It has been a difficult time for me. These books have helped me through a lonely winter.

  2. Sheila Smith says:

    I LOVE your Chihuahua detective books!! but, you need to get someone to check your Spanish better. Even though the word “si'” is printed with its accent mark, not all words that need one have it; also there is no tilde over any of the words that should have them. Some other errors have been made, such as Pepe referring to a female dog said, “perro estupido” when it should have been perra estupida. (accent mark over the u in estupido/a)

    • Waverly says:

      Thanks, Sheila. Unfortunately Curt and I do not speak Spanish and I’m even uncertain how much Pepe knows. Does he pick it up from telenovelas? Or did he really come from Chihuahua? We did better with our first books, asking a Spanish-speaking friend to correct our Spanish before sending the manuscript off to the publisher, but we skipped that step with the last few and obviously the copy-editor at Kensington didn’t check the Spanish either.

  3. Maria says:

    Looking forward to your new book, when is it coming out?

  4. Marti says:

    I’m with Maria, when is the next book coming? I miss Pepe!

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