Winter Holidays with Pepe

We hope you are enjoying the holidays with your pets, and if you are looking for an animal companion to share the joy of the season, consider rescuing one from a shelter or a rescue organization.

If you want to hang out with Pepe, the Chihuahua who inspired the Barking Detective series, come to our book launch on Saturday December 6 at 7 PM at Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Company. Pepe will be holding court for his admirers, plus we’ll be giving away a free audio version of “A Chihuahua in Every Stocking,” pet-sized Christmas stockings (supply your own Chihuahua) and a chance to have your dog named in our fifth book, The Silence of the Chihuahuas.

If you would like a virtual Chihuahua instead of a real one, consider buying our e-short “A Chihuahua in Every Stocking,” or our latest paperback,¬†The Chihuahua Always Sniffs Twice.

All of us at Team Pepe wish you and your pets happy holidays.


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