Chihuahua Confidential Launched

We had a fabulous time at our book launch at Elliot Bay Book Company and so did our audience, judging by their laughter and appreciative comments. Pepe was, as usual, the star of the show, but we got some great feedback on our dramatic reading (Waverly’s daughter, Shaw, who is also the chief Pepe wrangler) joined Waverly and Curt on stage to read the first chapter of Chihuahua Confidential.

We gave away prizes. David Bukey’s dog, Phoebe, will appear in our next book–we’ll be interviewing Phoebe in a future post. And we’re still negotiating with Henry Burton about whether or not he really wants a Chihuahua purse from Fuzzy Nation–we might swap it out for a bookstore certificate instead.

We ate cookies. And we watched dog dancing videos. The big favorite was an audition tape for Ashleigh and Pudsey who won Britain’s Got Talent in a routine eerily like our imagined reality TV show, Dancing with Dogs. We’ll be posting some of these on our Facebook page. And, of course, we signed books.

Forty plus copies were sold at the reading but there are plenty of autographed copies at the store if you still need one.

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